Friday, 29 May 2015

my goals

1)one of my goals is to learn to do 3 by 3 algorithm's
2)another one of my goals is to try out new spaces in the classroom
3)my last goal is to try working with different people and not only my friends.

i think these goals are important for me because goal number 2 and 3 i never really do and goal number 1 is one of my next steps.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

reading prove it

skim and scan

i have passed this goal because i know how to use a variety of techniques to skim and scan.

e.g read around,titles,key words.
my career goal is to be a head chef.i would like to do this because i have always had an interest in cooking,working with others and being in charge.being a head chef involves preparing and cooking meals in restaurants,hotels,cafes and bars but a head chef mainly works in a restaurant.there are many opportunities when it comes to working in the food industry;so the chances of getting a job as a head chef in New Zealand is very high because new Zealand has a wide range of food careers open to chefs and always willing to upgrade.i also think this career would be good for me considering i would earn $16-$25 per houras an average order to get this job i would need to take certain subjects at high school.

my goal: vocab
i  think i have completed this goal because i have used a wide range of technical words.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Negative numbers

A negative number is a number below zero(in the minuses)

National Standard:know the relative size and place value structure of positive and negative integers and decimals up to three places.e.g.

1) If you add -2 and -6 you will have -8 but if you add -2 and 6 you will have 4.
2) If you minus -8 from -13 then you  will have -5 but if you minus -7 from 8 then u will have 1.
3) If you add -1 and -9 then you will have -10 but if you add -5 and 3 then u will have -2

summer poem


The sunny sun shines through my body,try not to go to the potty.
The waves splash against the crumbling my toes squeak in my holey crocks.The sharp blades of green grass is speaking,as the lion begins his sneaking.As i reach for a chilly cold ice block,my face starts to interlock with some random guy named Spock. My mum and dads good spot starts to fade,great I'm the maid,time to get some lemonade.

My solo level is extended abstract because i think i did quite well and because i didn't need any help and i can help others.

and i used rhythm through out the whole poem.

by skyla